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PRESS STATEMENT: Wheelchair Alliance calls on new Labour government to deliver lasting change in wheelchair provision

null • 2 min read • Jul 9, 2024 4:13:15 AM • Written by: The Wheelchair Alliance

Friday, July 5, 2024


“As chair of The Wheelchair Alliance I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Labour on forming a new Government.

“The Wheelchair Alliance’s vision is to transform the experience for wheelchair users in England, through improved access, quality and effectiveness, and we will be working harder than ever to influence change, driving through the important points highlighted in manifesto and being the voice of wheelchair users.

“Now we have a new Prime Minister and Government, we want to work collaboratively with them to deliver lasting change for the better.

“Our manifesto focuses on a five-point plan for immediate action and follows the findings of our most recent report, The Value of a Wheelchair, which highlighted that current funding is the equivalent of £196 per person per year for wheelchair users.

“It also shows that investment of £22 million per annum will deliver a minimum return of £60 million per annum, although this is believed to be nearer to over £300 million per annum. The result? Life changing difference to wheelchair users, a reduction in cost over time for the NHS and an increase to the Exchequer as people are enabled to go to work.

“Now that we have a Labour Government, we want to ensure we are part of the conversation on wheelchair provision and in a position to bring about positive change for wheelchair users.”


Nick Goldup COO

Nick Goldup, chief operating officer of The Wheelchair Alliance

To download the Wheelchair Alliance’s manifesto in full, click here

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