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Strengthening your voice

The Wheelchair Alliance is committed to hearing the voice of wheelchair users and providing information to empower those who use a wheelchair, their families and carers. We work hard to ensure the right voices are heard by the right people, and drive forward lasting positive change. Click on the buttons below for more information:
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Our vision is to transform the experience for wheelchair users by improving the access, quality and effectiveness of wheelchair services. This will ensure that everyone who needs a wheelchair gets one, and no one is left without the equipment they need because of where they live.

 We are proud to have established a Wheelchair User Engagement Group representing 150,000 people. We are also taking steps to build a board of directors and patrons who will bring a wealth of lived experience and knowledge to our organisation.

 As well as wheelchair users themselves, we work with healthcare professionals and commissioners, leading health and social care researchers, and government to start conversations and bring about real change and independence for those using wheelchairs. We believe that collaboration and working in partnership will drive lasting change.

 Examples of how we are doing this are through our Wheelchair Charter and by working with NHS England to help them produce a Quality Framework for wheelchair provision.

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Reliable information

How to Get a Wheelchair

Realising that you might need a wheelchair is a lot to get your head around. But this is just the beginning, figuring out where to get a wheelchair from and how to pay for it can be worrying and confusing. Plus, processes and waiting lists can vary depending on your geographical location

Our information explains the different options available to would-be wheelchair users navigating the system, enabling them to make empowered and informed choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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